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Verbena Body Shower Gel


For Radiant Skin

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Our Authentic Botanical Verbena body wash glides on through your hands gently, rinses clean, and leaves behind no harm, only a lovely Verbena fragrance. Lathers nicely and the generous bottle size lasts a pleasingly long time. Use with body pouf for best results.

Verbena benefits:Combats the aging process by firming the skin. Mild astringent qualities, gives your skin a radiant appearance.Suits all skin types and makes the skin feel soft and toned is gentle on the skin and helps maintain the proper balance of the skin’s natural oils.

Verbena Body Wash 33.8 oz

Part of the Très Grand Collection

7 aromatic scents

Lavender± Almond± Rose± Olive± Orange-grapefruit± Vanilla± Verbena


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